Christchurch Professional Photographer

Anthony Turnham

Architectural Photography

I absolutely love checking out the new architecture and buildings popping up throughout Christchurch.  When Christchurch was flawed by the devastating earthquakes and aftershocks in 2011, Cantabrians were faced with an almighty re-build of our beloved city.  The people of Christchurch have embraced the challenge and exciting new buildings, spaces and architecture are popping up around Christchurch.  I am immensely proud to have been called upon as a Christchurch architectural photographer to help the architects and construction companies to photograph their buildings.  Although much of the work is yet to be added to my Christchurch architectural photographer website, you can still view some of my architecture photography here.

Wedding Photography

I absolutely LOVE the excitement and creative challenge of photographing peoples weddings!  Being a Christchurch wedding photographer I have now photographed over a couple of hundred weddings.  It’s a fantastic position to be in as brides and grooms fully trust me to capture their wedding day in my own way.  This sense of creative freedom is extremely liberating.  I challenge myself at every wedding to create a unique image that is worthy of entering into the prestigious Iris awards.  I’ve enjoyed a fair bit of success with the awards, got a few golds along the way and been a wedding photography category finalist too.  As weddings run right through the summer months I recently realized that due to my heavy workload I was missing out on a lot of precious time watching my children grow up.  Time I’d never be able to get back.  So I made the tough decision that I will only be photographing up to 12 weddings each year.  It’ll be great because I can really give the couples that book with me a wonderful dedicated experience and I also get to spend the odd weekend with my children watching them play in the water sprinklers and run around the garden.  You can view my wedding photography here and if you’re getting married and you like my work I’d love to hear from you.

Commercial Photography

Working with businesses and creating compelling brand photography for them is fantastic.  I love the challenge and the variety of the photography projects I undertake.  I have operated under my company name SNAP! Photography as a Christchurch professional photographer since 2008.  During that time I have enjoyed creating imagery for well known brands, photographed sports personalities, and even got approached about a photo for NASA.

Landscape Photography

I have always been drawn to the beauty of nature and in particular beautiful landscapes.  I feel so very lucky and blessed to live in New Zealand, which has some of the most stunning landscapes in the whole of the world.  I find the whole landscape photography process invigorating.  From getting out into the outdoors, searching out stunning locations, waiting for the perfect light, photographing the landscape, and then finessing the photo in photoshop.  The pinnacle moment is seeing my work in print hanging in someone’s home, or office.

People can buy New Zealand Landscape Photos through my website  We print on fine art papers and canvases and ship our landscape photo prints throughout New Zealand and even overseas.

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