Master Photographer

Anthony Turnham is a multi-award winning photographer who has earned the prestigious title Master Photographer by the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography.

Since 2008 Anthony has been a professional photographer in Christchurch, New Zealand after moving from England with his kiwi wife Sarah.

Anthony has enjoyed a rich and diverse photography career.  Not content with mastering just one genre Anthony has worked hard to establish himself as an industry leader across a range of photographic  disciplines. He has become known for his artistic captures of the beautiful New Zealand landscape, become sought after for his emotive wedding photography and regularly contacted to record architectural projects of significance.

Anthony has worked for large corporations, car manufacturers, sports personalities and even had work commissioned by NASA.

When he’s not doing professional photography Anthony is often still behind the camera.  He has documented his children’s lives since they were born and continues to record them on a daily basis.  This consistency for shooting has helped Anthony keep honing and improving his craft.