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Waimarama Beach

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Long Exposure Photography of Bare Island

When I arrived at Waimarama Beach I really didn't know how I was going to create a photograph. It was flat dull and lifeless and there was seaweed littered about the beach. I only had one lens with me (my trusty 16-35mm) and my 10 stop ND filter.

As I couldn't zoom in any closer to Bare Island (Te Motu-O-Kura) I decided to try and capture the movement in the cloud and the sea as part of the composition. As I framed up my shot I set my kids to work "cleaning" the beach of seaweed (I knew I brought them along for something! hehe).

I played around with black and white conversion as shown in the shot below.

Monochrome image of Bare Island

Ultimately I decided that the image in colour was a much better option for my landscape photography site. If you're after purchasing this print of Bare Island from Waimarama beach please check out

Bare Island photographed from Waimarama Beach
Bare Island photographed from Waimarama Beach

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